The epic journey begins

I’m typing this while sitting in the Kilimanjaro International Airport, taking advantage of the free WiFi, while waiting for the ticketing desk to open. Three hours early is too early, I guess. We are starting on our epic journey today. OK, it’s not that epic in terms of number of countries visited, but I did realize that we will be taking virtually every form of transport during our journey.

Below is a rough diagram giving a general idea of our trip and its various modes of transport. We are flying to Zambia to visit one of my high school friends from RVA, taking the train back to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, staying a couple of days in Zanzibar, and then taking a bus back to Moshi.

I was going to write more, but the ticket desk just opened, so we’ve gotta run.

As they say in Tanzania, “Safari njema!” (Good travels!)

9 thoughts on “The epic journey begins

  1. What a wonderful way to show all of us your trip! I love the variety of travel mode and the colors depicting them! Praying that you will experience deep joy as you travel together, and that you will be a blessing to many as well as others be a blessing to you! If you run into the Hatton family (Bryan, Joanna & 4 kiddoes) give them love for us. They’re a wonderful family who just arrived in Lusaka a few days ago. Joanna is an RVA ’84 alum from Zambia, pursuing her doctorate, and part of that journey has them establishing a non-profit to make a difference in Zambia. They’ll be there for 5 months this time. Who is the RVA friend of yours that you’re visiting? Just curious :). Have a blessed Christmas!! Love & prayers ~ Margaret

    • Thanks Margaret! I’m visiting Sheri Jones. She’s living in Kalomo right now, about five hors southwest of Lusaka. I will be sure to greet the hattons if we run into each other! Their work sounds interesting. Is there a website or anything?

      • Hi Esther ~ I finally heard back from Bryan and Joanna Hatton, and they have a domain but the website is still in the development stage. As soon as they let me know that it’s up and running, I’ll let you know! Trust you’re well! Your pictures and blog are WONDERFUL!!!!! Makes me (almost) feel like I’m there!
        Love & prayers ~ Margaret

  2. Oh I’m so glad you’re going to see Zanzibar! I really loved it when I went in high school for interim. I think you’ll enjoy going with your hubby! 😉

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